Welcome to Wazirabad Waste Water Recycling Plant

Degremont has set up the Recycling Drinking Water Treatment Plant in India, for the Delhi Jal Board, at Wazirabad, Delhi. The plant of 50 MLD capacity, was customized on Design-Build-Operate (DBO) basis, utilizing Degremont’s State-of-the-art Technology involving pulsating type sludge Blanket Clarifiers. There are 3 WTPs each of 40 MGD at Wazirabad Water Works and to treat the waste water of these WTPs 11 MGD Recycling plant was constructed & commissioned in 2009, the operation and maintenance of the Recycling Plant after DLP and one year O&M was up to 20.3.2011 and is continued by subsequent extensions by the constructing agency.


  • Plant commissioned on 16.12.2009
  • Current O&M period : 16.11.2012 to 15.11.2017
  • CONTRACT AGREEMENT NO.: 56(2012-2013) dated 9th Nov. 2012
  • WORK ORDER NO.: DJB/EE(E&M)II/WZD/2012/4049/59 dated 9th Nov. 2012

Salient Features of the Plant

  • State-of-the-art proven technologies suiting Indian conditions.
  • Well-proven & extremely efficient three phase treatment.
  • Catering to approximately 3 lakhs population.
  • Extremely low water losses from the entire plant.
  • Fully automatic plant with SCADA controls.
  • Compact plant layout & optimum land usage.
  • Beautifully landscaped plant.

Best Practice of Safety & Operation

  • 100% use of PPE.
  • No accident reporting till date.
  • All employees are involved in the safety effort. Employee suggestions are welcome to prevent accidents.
  • Experienced employees are used to identify hazards and suggest controls which are valuable for establishing a team concept in the plant.